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Medical Malpractice

SETTLED $1,350,000
Medical Malpractice - Doctor performed unnecessary thyroidectomy surgery to remove total thyroid gland and caused damage to both recurrent laryngeal nerves and all four parathyroid glands causing bilateral vocal cord paralysis and hypocalcemia.  The young woman required a tracheotomy to be able to breath.  After a year, she underwent a laser cordotomy to increase her airway.  She had difficulty breathing, had respiratory distress, suffered brain injury leading to a coma and death.  Both the Survival Act claim and Wrongful Death Act claim were settled for the benefit of her mother, father, and sister.

SETTLED $1,800,000
Medical Malpractice - Doctor improperly treated patient for colitis with excessive steroids causing bilateral avascular necrosis requiring both hips to be replaced.

SETTLED $1,000,000
Medical Malpractice - Young woman suffering from sleep apnea and seizures was not properly monitored in hospital and overmedicated resulting in respiratory arrest and death.

SETTLED $3,100,000
Medical Malpractice - Gastroenterologist failed to obtain a complete history and failed to perform a complete colonoscopy causing a delay in diagnosis of colon cancer resulting in death.

VERDICT $2,043,000
Medical Malpractice - Internist and Pulmonologist misdiagnosed chronic cough of patient and gave unnecessary and excessive steroids resulting in bilateral avascular necrosis requiring both hips to be replaced.

VERDICT $1,550,000
Medical Malpractice - Chicago Bears running back sued the Chicago Bears' team physician for failing to re-evaluate him for signs and symptoms of post concussion syndrome and for not warning him of the danger of returning to play prior to recovering completely. Player returned to practice and games one week after suffering a Grade II concussion and suffered a career ending concussion with permanent brain function injury.

SETTLED $1,600,000
Medical Malpractice - Disabled obese woman received knee replacement. Fell while being transferred from bed with inadequate nursing assistance resulting in disruption of knee and surgical wound. It became infected ultimately requiring amputation of leg.

SETTLED $600,000
Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff suffered dislocated jaw while in the hospital and doctor refused to come to hospital to diagnose and treat the condition resulting in temporal mandibular joint dysfunction.

SETTLED $965,000
Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff underwent unnecessary surgery on pituitary gland and developed chronic cerebral spinal fluid leak and hormonal imbalances due to removal of normal gland tissue.

SETTLED $500,000
Medical Malpractice - Plaintiff brought by wife to doctor's office complaining of epigastric pain with radiation into shoulders and arms was misdiagnosed with recurrent peptic ulcer and sent home. Turned out it was a heart attack and patient died the next day.

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Legal Malpractice

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Product Liability

SETTLED $3,100,000
Product Liability - Manufacturers of toner mixing machine and the control system failed to provide adequate control panel and safety devices resulting in mixer being turned on while worker inside cleaning it.

SETTLED Confidential
Product Liability - Electrical worker reaching for coil of "fish tape" when it suddenly fractured and broke resulting in pieces entering the eye causing partial blindness; material was corroded due to improper use of materials and excessive coiling resulting in design for failure, instead of for safety.

SETTLED $1,950,000
Product Liability - Factory worker operating molding machine had hand crushed in press which occurred due to inadequate guarding and safety devices.

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Stock Broker Malpractice

MEDIATION Confidential
Stock Broker Malpractice - Investor received improper advice and account was excessively traded resulting in loss of investment funds.

Insurance Broker Malpractice

TRIAL $717,239
Insurance Broker Malpractice - Commodities trader purchased disability insurance, but didn't receive cost of living feature requested; subsequently disabled and disability payments fixed instead of increasing annually.

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Motor Vehicle Collisions

ARBITRATION $1,030,000
Automobile Collision - College student was passenger in car struck head on by drunk driver. Million dollars was available through underinsured policy.

SETTLED $2,650,000
Truck Collision - Truck driver attempted U-turn through median despite sign prohibiting U-turn in an attempt to avoid construction ahead. Husband, wife, and son in following car was unable to avoid collision and each suffered multiple fractures and injuries.
PEDESTRIAN walking across the street in the crosswalk was struck by a car driving around a bus causing leg and hand fractures.


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